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Holle PRE Organic Infant Goat Milk Formula 400 g

Holle PRE Organic Infant Goat Milk Formula 400 g

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AGE: 0-6 Months

YIELD: Approximately 100oz of Formula

Holle Goat Stage PRE infant milk formula is a common alternative to cow's milk formulas, especially popular with babies who have a sensitivity to the cow's milk protein. This formula is suitable up through the age of six months, and can be given to infants from birth. Also referred to as Holle Bio Anfangsmilch PRE aus Ziegenmilch, the goats milk organic formula is easier to digest than comparable cow's milk formulas because it has lower quantities of complex milk proteins that would be found in a cow's milk formula.

This formula a complete source of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for babies and can be used on its own as a daily meal, or as a supplement to complement natural breast milk feeding. Holle goat PRE can be helpful in alleviating the root causes of constipation, cramps, and gassiness that are common with infants.

You won't find any nasties in this clean formula. Its simple ingredients list does not include any corn syrup, soy allergens, sugar, or glucose. Holle Goat Stage PRE is also gluten free and GMO free, and does not contain prebiotic or probiotic additives. This nutritionally complete organic formula adheres to the highest level of European regulations for infant nutrition, with special attention to calcium, zinc, and all essential vitamins.

Holle is regarded as one of the best manufacturers of organic baby formula in the world, and has been running sustainable manufacturing practices that use natural ingredients since the 1930's. Holle Goat Stage PRE contains no GMO's, no synthetic additives, no man made colors, no artificial nutrients, no preservatives, no fake colors, and no artificial flavorings.

This formula is manufactured and packaged in Germany, and upholds strict European Union organic standards - stricter than comparable standards of the United States. Organic Life Start works directly with Holle to deliver only the freshest Holle Goat Stage PRE infant formula with a long shelf life of at least six months from the date of delivery. Each shelf-stable Holle Goat Stage PRE box contains 400 grams (14.1 oz) of formula powder, which yields approximately 100 fluid ounces of prepared formula.

 Holle was founded in 1933 and popular for its organic-based baby products. The company celebrates the 87th anniversary this year as it continues to succeed and reject chemical processing and preservations. The company has sites in Switzerland and Germany. The product range includes infant milk and formulas, a range of jars and baby porridges. It also has baby oil, snacks and teas as a part of its product range. The Holle products are sold in 40 countries for 35 years. Holle stands to be the most preferred brand by mother across Europe.

Certified organic by EU standards

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