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HiPP Stage 2 Organic Combiotic Formula (300g)

HiPP Stage 2 Organic Combiotic Formula (300g)

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HiPP 2 Combiotic® is tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of babies from 6 months and perfectly complementstheir weaning food diet.

  • following breastfeeding
  • following any infant formula

Natural lactic acid cultures that were orginally isolated from breast milk. Breast milk contains a large number of natural lactic acid cultures that can vary from mother to mother


* vitamins A,C & D – supports the immune system

** Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA): supports brain and nerve tissue development

** Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA): supports visual development. A positive effect can be observed. with a daily intake of 100 mg of DHA

*** valuable iron – iron contributes to normal cognitive development

  • Metafolin® does not need to be metabolised and is immediately available to the baby’s body – for natural growth
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